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Leading Financial Controlling Software with Business Expertise – A Guarantee for your Succes

The partnership between providers of Performance Management / BI technology and business consulting partners offers companies an optimal solution for their financial controlling needs. By combining technological innovation and business expertise, companies can enhance their performance, minimize risks, and ensure long-term success.

"Many can introduce a BI technology, but a functional controlling system that relieves departments and optimizes processes is the masterpiece."

“It has always been clear to us that we want to offer the best of both worlds. Modern, flexible technology and business model contents plus consulting. We have a customer’s perspective and are technology-independent, thus neutral. This allows us to advise prospects on the best technology for their specific use case. This has proven to work many times,” says Alexander Hein, CEO of,  

“We work daily in the technologies and know every advantage and disadvantage. Experience has simply taught us that the controlling platform is an important component – but the skillful implementation from a business perspective remains the most important success factor for digitalization in controlling. Many can introduce a technology, but a functional controlling system that relieves the FP&A department and optimizes processes is the masterpiece.”

The FP&A technology providers Acterys/MS Power BI, Jedox, SAP, and Unit4 keep bringing smartPM on board to offer the right business content for Controllers.

This year, leading technology providers once again recognize as a strong and reliable development and implementation partner. They certify the team at the highest partner levels: Gold Partner with Jedox, Elite Partner with Unit4 FP&A, Silver Partner with SAP SAC (a new partner!), and MS Power BI Acterys Top Partner. Few can match this achievement so quickly.

Especially noteworthy is the enhancement of these core technologies in terms of business value. Ready-to-use, field-tested models from smartPM – such as Integrated Financial Planning, Project/Portfolio Controlling, Sales Controlling, S&OP Management, or Sustainability Controlling – are integral components of the technology and have been precisely developed to meet the needs of Controllers.

Practically speaking, one benefits from a template solution that only needs configuration. This is also financially appealing, as it eliminates many consulting hours and one’s own time spent building content. The focus then shifts solely to optimizing for one’s specific use case.

Die besten Partner von Jedox und Unit4 mit hervorragender betriebswirtschaftlicher Expertise

"Many controlling departments are approaching us with failed projects ...."

Pascal Speicher, Area Manager for Germany at smartPM and formerly a controller at renowned companies for 20 years, summarizes, “…Some wanted to build their business processes in the software of their own, but ultimately couldn’t realize this due to lack of know-how or resource constraints. Others had their Excel files translated directly into the new software by technology consultants.”

“Without business consulting, historically grown problems were thus transferred to the new, modern world without optimizations. This often leads to poor system performance. Ultimately, this can slow down even the best software. In the face of all these obstacles, we support our customers and pull the ‘cart out of the mud’ together. Customers who were once affected by these issues turn typically into the most loyal clients – because they know we will never leave them alone, and will find the best solution for them. This especially applies to support after the project,” Pascal Speicher adds.

Here are 4 reasons why the collaboration between a technology provider and a consulting partner is optimal for customers:

1) Holistic Solution Approaches: The collaboration between technology providers and business consulting results in a practical solution. The technology provides the necessary tools for efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting, while the consulting partner contributes their deep business expertise to optimize these data into models and processes. See, for example, the current range of business models based on leading software.

2) Tailored Implementation: Every company has its own specific requirements and challenges. The consulting partner assists in choosing the right technology and enables a customized implementation of the controlling software. This ensures that the solution is perfectly tailored to the specific needs and goals of the company. See, for example, the CARL KNAUBER case study.

3) Maximization of Value Added: The synergy between technology and consulting partner maximizes the value for the company. The software offers modern features such as AI support and real-time analytics, while the consulting partner helps to translate this information into models and optimize the company’s performance. See the LIST GC interview for instance.

4) Continuous Support and Development: The partnership between technology provider and consulting partner also offers long-term support and continuous development. Together, they can ensure that the controlling software meets the constantly changing requirements of the company and remains up-to-date with the latest technology. For example, new integrative models such as sustainability controlling and reporting.

We remain committed to quality – that's a promise.

We stand for the highest quality as a strong development and implementation partner of our four core technologies.

We ensure this commitment to quality with competent contacts before, during, and after the project. The satisfaction ratings of our customers justify this trust: 4.9/5 stars for project quality – and 6.8/7 stars for support results.

If you would like to discuss the optimal combination of technology and business content for your use case, please feel free to schedule a meeting on the calendar.

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