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Would you like to simplify your planning, shorten planning cycles, change tedious processes? Then have an expert discussion with Alexander Hein, who has 25 years of experience in the financial sector and has successfully completed over 350 projects.

Wherever the shoe pinches in digital transformation, CPM and controlling topics – you decide on the content of the conversation.

Alexander Hein CEO smartPM solutions

Alexander Hein, CEO

Alexander has than 25 years of experience in the fields of FP&A, BI and CPM (with more than 200 projects). He devoted his whole professional life to improving budgeting and forecasting processes.

Schedule an online appointment directly in Alex’s diary. Be sure to specify the topic in the respective field. Available slots are limited – so hurry up. (Disclaimer: This way of engagement is exclusively reserved for expert discussions – for all other topics please refer to our contact form.)


Here are some suggested topics that will interest many controllers:

Integrated Business - Planning

Connect data and departments seamlessly. Save time on data collection and preparation processes. Rely on your data, analysis and forecasts. Experience concrete examples in an expert talk.

Digital Transformation

Process optimization creates speed, efficiency and flexibility. The result is higher data quality and lower risk. Digital transformation stands for agile decision-making and reliable forecasts. Get the guide!

Balance Capacity & Demand

Use rolling, AI-supported forecasts to align sales plans, discount campaigns and strategic production and storage plans. Develop your company along the five S&OP maturity levels. You can see the specific content of the S&OP solution in an expert talk.

AI in planning and forecasting

Integrated assistants for machine learning and artificial intelligence stand for improved data quality and for precise and reliable forecasts. We will show you case studies in an expert talk.

Optimized controlling in crises

Secure liquidity, avoid supply chain bottlenecks, run through scenarios. You can see which steps controllers and CFOs need in order to steer well through crises in an expert talk.

Optimize projects and portfolios

Projects and portfolios need continuous control, deviation notifications and budget caps. How to keep an eye on everything and optimize it is particularly exciting for project controllers. More on this in an expert talk.
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