Planning - Budgeting - Forecasting​

Would you like to shorten your planning cycles and increase forecast accuracy? Would you like to reduce the complexity of your budgeting process? With smartPM you optimize and accelerate your processes. Focus on value-added analysis and recommendations rather than manual data preparation and finding formula errors. Automation and standardization relieve you and your colleagues from tedious manual calculations.

The integrative smartPM solutions are already filled with well thought-out business models and logics and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Agile. Fast. Precise.

Massively shorten planning cycles

A single point of truth connecting all previous systems

Automation and standardization

Fast budget adjustments

Precise forecasts with AI, rolling forecasts


Do I have to plan completely without Excel?

Excel offers many options, is flexible and you are supposed to be fast: this is why it is often used and with pleasure, especially in finance departments. Unfortunately, formula errors, version conflicts and data uncertainties appear too often in the planning process. Working with Excel “wallpaper” is usually not much fun.

Professional planning tools eliminate these weaknesses and support a reliable, cooperative and agile planning process. They are a combination of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) and combine the best of both worlds – precise insights, beautiful dashboards and reliable planning. Integrated, reliable data and simplified processes accelerate planning, budgeting and forecasting and create trust. These tools also allow Excel integration, e.g. for entering plan data via Excel, with the plan data being saved in reliable database technology. The smartPM solutions are structured similar to Excel and can therefore be quickly learned by all users.

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Transparent. Simple. Reliable.

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