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Analytical CRM

Simplify your customer analysis and perfect customer segmentation. Spend more time on value-added analytics instead of wasting your time preparing data. Automatically created customer ratings, segmentation suggestions and tailor-made customer development concepts help you to optimize your customer relationship. Make your customer relationship management agile and shape your customer relationships in a value-oriented manner.

Key Benefits of the Analytical CRM

Analyze and rate your clients

Suggests the most promising ways to approach clients

Modern segmentation methods like RFM help identify 'A' clients

KPI Dashboards

Seamless integration with the rest of the product family

Takes future revenue into account

Do you want to know...?

With which customers do we earn money?

Several methods like classical (e.g. contribution margin) and newer ones (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value CLV and RFM) help you understand which customers contribute most to the company’s success.

Does it make sense to approach all customers the same way?

A comprehensive set of state-of-the art customer segmentation methods, incl. RFM (Recence Frequency and Monetary Value), Scoring, Portfolio and CLV, help you segment and focus in the most effective way – maximizing customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

How should we approach ‘A’ customers – and how all other ones?

By creating suggestions how to approach which kinds of customers in regards to email campaigns, loyalty programs, special events etc. the system helps you taking your Marketing and Analytical CRM to the next level.

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