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Marketing Performance Management

Were we able to implement our marketing strategy? Were we able to achieve our goals in marketing campaigns and customer loyalty measures? Answer all these questions easily, quickly and precisely with the analytical marketing controlling system from

Monitor and evaluate marketing performance continuously and improve your performance. Analyze your events, leads, campaigns and much more. All data is combined in a single point of truth and becomes beautiful dashboards and reports at the push of a button. Analyze how long your campaign leads stay in the phases of the customer journey and what costs arise until they become a customer.

Key benefits of the Marketing Performance Management solution

Week-to-week campaign success monitoring

Keep track of all generated leads - by week, campaign or region

End to end lead to opportunity analysis

Consider different marketing scenarios and set initiatives

Lead development analysis across different stages

Work with ‚what if‘ analysis features and use AI to improve forecasts

Integrates seamlessly with Sales and IFP modules

Connect all relevant data into one single-point-of-truth and with other modules

Cost per lead calculation

Answer all questions regarding marketing costs

Leverages deep learning algorithms

Use machine learning algorithms for higly reliable forecasts

Do you want to know...?

How many leads did we create out of which campaigns – at which cost?

smartPM Marketing Performance Management keeps track of all generated leads – week by week, campaign by campaign, region by region etc. Based on this information it can calculate the ‘real’ expenses attached to a lead.

We need to have an ‘end-to-end’ analysis from lead to opp and deal in one system!

Stop looking for other tools – smartPM solutions’ Sales operations Bundle was designed for this purpose.

How long does it take until someone takes care of a ‘fresh’ lead?

Marketing Performance Management module flags leads that are queued longer than necessary, and you know whether your precious ‘Marketing Dollars’ are spent in the most useful way.

Flexible, simple and filled with marketing-relevant content

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