Planning in Power BI

Planning in
Power BI

Use all Planning, AI, Forecasting and Analysis functions of in Power BI. Get comprehensive management control, improved flexibility, reliability and simplified collaboration. No additional training of users is necessary, since the user interface and drag and drop environment of Power BI is already familiar to them. IT-departments welcome unified platform solutions with no additional infrastructure necessary.

From Top-Down Planning, Scenario Analysis, Initiative Tracking, Rolling Forecasts to AI-assisted Planning – everything is now possible in the Power BI environment.

Key benefits of smartPM Planning Functions in Power BI

Integrated Planning Functionality in standard, market-leading Power BI technology incl. writeback (Acterys Integration)

One unified platform for planning, consolidation, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, analysis

No additional infrastructure necessary - good news for the IT

Low TCO, easy to manage, hassle-free SaaS

Agile & reliable decision making. Simulate decisions on P/L, BS, CF upfront

Base your decisons on top-down planning, initiative tracker, scenario & value driver analysis, rolling forecasts

Rapid and cost-effective implementation (a few days/weeks)

Experienced Implementation Team with 4.8/5 project rating. Manage the solution in-house with your own teams. Guided workflow with role concepts

Optimize Performance of Sales, Marketing, S&OP, HR, Procurement, Projects & Programs

Grow with your needs - expandable product familiy up to fullly integrated planning

Best-practice solutions tailored to your company's requirements

Combination of best-practice solutions, flexibly tailorable to your requirements

Planning in Power BI - all key facts in a 2 minutes video:

"Planning & Analyzing in Microsoft Power BI" - A win-win situation for controlling & ICT at the Praxistage

  • Which sub-plans can be linked in integrated business planning in Power BI and where is the best place to start.
  • Top-down/bottom-up planning, scenario and what-if simulations, rolling forecasts, initiative tracking and planning calendar
  • A journey through the corporate divisions: Sales & Operations, Project Performance Management, Procurement Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, integrated Financial Planning (OPEX, CAPEX, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Communication and collaboration fully integrated, e.g. via MS Teams and Planner

xP&A Fireside Chat - Martin Kratky & Alexander Hein about Planning in Power BI

  1. Planning solutions in MS Power BI with the market leading, seamless Acterys integration
  2. Special Focus on: Supply Chain Management, Procuement Performance Management
  3. Multidimensional Spend Analysis, Savings Analysis & Forecast, Cost Drivers, Top-Down/Bottom-Up Planning
  4. Initiative-Tracker, Best Practice Planning Workflow, Planning Calendar
  5. Best Practice Tips und Tricks

Einige Eindrücke von der Planung in Power BI mit

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Get the Factsheet with all information about planning in Power BI

Content of the Power BI Factsheet:


    • How to plan in Power BI
    • Why planning in Power BI is a win-win situation for Financial Departments AND the IT
    • Key benefits of the smartPM planning & analysis solution
    • Best-practice planning workflow and logics in Power BI with large degrees of freedom
    • Get an impression of smartPM’s Planning & Analysis Results: Performance Dashboards, Scenario-Analysis, Initiative Tracker, Rolling and AI-supported Forecasts, Driver Based Planning, Project/Program Performance Managment
    • Double Win: expandable platform Power BI combined with planning modules for different business areas like S&OP, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Projects, HR etc. up to fully integrated business planning. Check out our Online-Traings for a live impression of based on Power BI.

Learn everything you need to know about planning with Power BI in this webinar. These are our upcoming dates:

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