Innovative planning for INNIO

INNIO, with its Jenbacher and Waukesha brands, operates in more than 100 countries and has over 3,500 employees providing life cycle support to the more than 52,000 delivered gas engines worldwide.

In 2018 when INNIO became a stand-alone company, the expectations on depth and speed towards the planning and reporting processes have only increased.

'We understood that we needed an innovative planning solution that provides the required automation and flexibility to reduce turn around time and as we aim to further optimize INNIOs planning process.
INNIO chose as the solution provider and implementation partner as they offered the right level of flexibility, automation and from the first interaction it felt like we spoke the same language.
Looking forward to a successful implementation over the next 6 months.'

Alexander Hein, CEO ‘We perceived INNIO’s FP&A team to be very open-minded, innovative and straight-forward. Thus we demoed our Integrated Business Planning Solutions including Sales & Operations and Project Performance Management – with INNIO’s data and structures. We soon recognized that we are on the same page regarding our vision of connected planning. Our team is eager to deliver the best-in-class FP&A solution.’

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