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4.8 / 5 rating on RavenIntel for smartPM.solutions

Finding the right partner for implementing controlling (CPM) software can mean the difference between success and failure in corporate management. We are particularly pleased with such a high rating from our customers: 4.8 out of 5 possible stars in 18 ratings. To give you a first impression, we have put together an extract from the customer opinions on smartPM.solutions.

Here are some customer voices, directly from their ratings: 

  • ‘… and we found this perfect Partner in smartPM.solutions…’
  • ‘… smartPM.solutions is an experience Partner with great knowledge of FP&A … ‘
  • ‘The pro-active support and exciting planning mindset of the consultants were amazing. ‘
  • ‘The consultants of smartPM.solutions are very competent. ‘
  • ‘The consultants were very knowledgeable with an extremely quick grasp of our specific needs and strong commitment to our project. ‘
  • ‘smartPM.solutions is a trustworthy cooperation with valuable knowledge during the Project Controlling introductory phase as well as the implementation. ‘
  • ‘The biggest advantage was the combination of financial / industry specific and technical know how of the SmartPM implementation team. We are planning to work onwards with the same team to further develop our solution… ‘

All comprehensive reviews and many other opinions can be found directly at RavenIntel. Many thanks to all our customers for the great ratings.

RavenIntel - evaluation platform and evaluation criteria

RavenIntel is an independent evaluation platform for enterprise software solutions and enables customers to objectively evaluate their consulting team and project success in ongoing and completed projects. Among other things, the following are evaluated: the project team involved, the accuracy of the project effort estimates, comparisons between expected and actual costs and the implementation time.

The resulting transparency, authenticity and independence enable potential new customers to benefit from experience from similar projects and to make decisions based on objective customer reviews. Raven Intel as the source of this information is therefore invaluable, not only for the initial assessment of potential partners for projects, but also for building trust.

Many thanks to our amazing customers – we are happy to return the compliment 😊

We see this review as a great opportunity to collect feedback – but also the recognition of the performance of our tireless team of consultants and our Director of Professional Services, Markus Edlinger. Regardless of whether in a crisis or in normal operation, we are very proud of the solidarity, togetherness, the enormous commitment of our consultants. Our team enjoys what they are doing and you can tell – a pleasant working atmosphere between consultants who go the extra mile and customers who welcome the new CPM solution is essential for the success of the project.

You can find out more about our integrated controlling approach in our white paper “The Controlling Success Formula” or directly in a live demo with our consultants.

If you are looking for an experienced implementation partner, you are right with us. With our solutions, we cover all areas from planning, analysis, forecasting and reporting to consolidation. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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