What do Planning-Software and dentists have in common?

Does that sound familiar?:  We tend to delay our appointment with the dentist until it really hurts. It’s similar with us FP&A experts and CPM-Software: Deep in our hearts we know what we do with Excel is crazy, but still we hesitate to go for a fully-integrated CPM-System – until forecasting errors or some crisis force us to change the approach.

Many FP&A experts are certainly aware of reliability issues with their data even in ‘normal´ times. Consolidating data from various sources is error-prone, and data quality checks regularly take longer than Senior Management wants to wait to take critical decisions. Answering mission critical questions based on assumptions and fragile data is a pain we can do without.

It’s now or never – quick decisions based on reliable analysis and forecasts are crucial nowadays.

We see a lot of poor FP&A experts struggling with ‘Monster’ Excel spreadsheet collections, desperately trying to re-calculate Corona impact and short-time work effects by changing thousands of formulas in dozens of files. Precise forecasts are most unlikely with this approach.To postpone investment in a pro planning tool in the current situation, because ‘Excel works somehow and we always worked like this’ or ‘some guys are frightened by a potential system change’ can be hazardous . According to our clients, scenario-based planning, covering HR expense, sales, production and  cash-flow impact is most useful to master a crisis like the current one. Whereas e.g. Hillebrand AG adopted their pro CPM system in two days to include a COVID-19 impact overview, manufacturing companies  might want to adopt their production plans accordingly.

Investments in a cloud-based CPM-solution have a very short return on investment – often after a few weeks. Besides financial aspects it has to be considered that the responsible FP&A departments/experts have far more time for qualitative data-analysis and precise forecasts, rather than wasting know-how in time-consuming and complex processes. 100% planning reliability, no internal IT-costs and fast decision making are just a few main advantages of our cloud based planning & simulation modules. Our clients do not only decide for an outstanding, market-leading CPM-software solution, but for sparring partners via our skilled Professional services team. We are delighted to share our experience derived from hundreds of successfully finished projects. We are proud of a strong, reliable and flexible team –  better than any other! Ask our reference clients.

Your most important take-away: After visiting the dentist you are free from pain most of the times, and it turned out to be better than predicted. That is confirmed by a lot of happy clients! Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment right now.

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