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Way north – where is he now again?

Last week we received a great picture from Mika – who we met on a business summit last autumn. He took along our adventurer mascot smartofant to the City Oulu. ‘The blue elephant has travelled far north, 200km south from Arctic Circle. He is looking south where the mid-winter sun is rising’ Mika told us.  Thank you very much Mika for the fantastic pic in this great place of beauty and all the best for you.  

During his journey – in happy anticipation of the snow 😊 – our smartofant had a lot of time to think about improved planning, reporting and forecasting. That’s how Pascal, Corporate Financial Controller at Villeroy & Boch, crossed his mind: Pascal successfully replaced time-consuming and spreadsheet-centric financial planning processes with a pro CPM-approach.

Where will our smartofant travel next? This time we think we know it 😊. He will visit the conference Austrian Controller’s Day in the beautiful castle of Schönbrunn, Vienna, on March 12-13. Meet us there and watch out for our blue smartofant.

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