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Prevero-Co-Founder Alexander Springer invests in

Great news! Alexander Springer, co-founder of the Business Intelligence (BI)- and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) vendor prevero, who has been prevero’s CEO for more than 20 years until the company was sold to Unit4 in 2016, agreed to take a stake in and act as Non-Executive Partner for

It’s a pleasure and extraordinary honor to work with Alexander Springer again. Not many others have similar experience regarding customer requirements in the CPM market and integrated business planning. This know-how and his unparalleled Sales enablement skills will benefit our clients and thus our company. To some extent it’s ‘going back to the roots’, since Alexander Springer now again has the chance to work with his own products.

Alexander Springer has a similar perception regarding future collaboration and growth potential: ‘Alex Hein and I have been working together closely for nearly 20 years – I know how he works and that he is always open for new challenges. The impressive growth of from 5 to more than 20 CPM experts in one year struck me right away. His team has – altogether – successfully delivered more than 400 prevero projects.’ In his business network Alex Springer sees a lot of prospects for ‘After all these years of business development and market share growth I see a lot of opportunities for a CPM company focusing on AI support for finance and S&OP departments.’

We welcome Alex and very much look forward to leveraging his vast expertise!

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