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How xP&A – Extended Planning & Analysis works in practice

We explained extended planning & analysis in more detail in our last blog post. Today we kindly invite you to a Live-Usecase-Tour.

The hidden champion List GC shows how to successfully implement xP&A in practice

xP&A is the goal. So, let’s have a look at List GC and on their way to extended planning & analysis. For more than 70 years, List General Contractor (List GC) has been specializing in high-profile project management and superior craftsmanship to furnish exclusive motor and sailing yachts as well as exquisite apartments and residences. Before order intake, potential projects have to be checked regarding  technical feasability and economic contribution. A professional project calculation of pipeline-projects helped List to start their xP&A journey: Right from the beginning, the company’s management envisioned a full scale solution from project calculation up to fully-integrated business planning. Project calculation, (Multi) Project-Management and integrated financial planning have been implemented in parallel streams in just a few month. Thus, the previous Excel-/VBA- based solution could be replaced.

Learn from xP&A peers - Wednesday, 15 October 2021

Throughout the Austrian Controller Institute’s webinar, the main benefits and challenges of their xP&A implementation project are summarized by Arbi Araks (Head of Controlling & Finance) und Ronald Morawetz (Head of Engineering & QM). Arbi and Ronald showcase scenario- and what-if analysis, project budget caps, supply & demand balancing etc. live in their smartPM.solutions.

The webinar covers these topics:

  • Status quo before, shortfalls of the previous solution
  • How to prepare decisions in a project-driven environment
  • increase transparency and efficiency with a pro-CPM tool, avoid planning mistakes
  • how to be prepared to answer any management question
  • Work with Projects/Initiatives to secure business success
  • Align projetc programs with company targets
  • connect all loose ends and derive P/L, B/S and Cash Flow Statements via xP&A
  • Balance production capacity and expected demand
  • What was in it for everybody who works with the new integrated tool?
  • Best-Practice-Tips for any CPM tool implementation
Arbi Araks, Head of Controlling & Finance, LIST GC
Ronald Morawetz, Head of Engineering & QM, LIST GC

Get video of the webinar (content in german language):

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